Foreign Aid Transparency Hub (FAiTH) Website Launched for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

The Philippine government launched Foreign Aid Transparency Hub (FAiTH), an online site where it aims to provide the Filipino people a way to monitor on how much foreign assistance are coming in for the typhoon Yolanda victims and where do these actually go to.

International aid has been generously pouring in since the typhoon has struck heavily on our country, though most of the public must be puzzled if these funds are properly channeled to the rightful beneficiaries. With the website officially tracking the foreign aid we’re getting, hopefully transparency won’t just be in place, but also the efficiency on distributing it.

As of writing this post, the cash received amounts to Php 4.73 billion, with non-cash aids worth Php 2.1B, pledges that is Php 2.3B, which sums up to about Php 9.1 billion (USD 211 million) worth of foreign aid. There’s so much that we have gotten out of the foreign aid, though the urgency of getting it to those who are in need in time should also be part of the government’s great resolve.

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