Flappy Bird: Tips and Tricks

Flappy Bird, a seemingly easy game yet very difficult to play has been up the charts on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, staying on the No. 1 spot on FREE games category.

Flappy Bird

The 8-bit like graphical game that resembles like the pixelated Mario is made by an indie game developer, Nguyen Ha Dong from Hanoi, Vietnam, and published by Gear Studios. Actually, both the game play and the design were both downright simple, yet freaking hard to most that it gained following and even massive sharing.

Flappy Bird on Top Charts

The first time we tried it, and we’re challenged spot on. It’s like the Angry Birds made simple. It’s just that you’re the one getting angry! But what we’re about to share is not some cheats or some form of hack, which would allow you to keep that Flappy Bird floating with your finger touching all through out the game. It’s not even about making the gravity pull much lighter, or even turn it on slow motion while you play.

Flappy Bird Game Over

So, how can you actually have your first gold medal on playing Flappy Bird? What we found out are simple tips and tricks you can do, and here it is.

1. Know the game play. It’s as dead simple as tapping the screen as to keep the bird from either falling the ground or hitting the pipes.

2. Be calm. Don’t ever play the game when you’re nervous or stressed out. Give some time to cool down, and when your thumbs’ relaxed. Too much aggression, or excitement really won’t help much.

3. Get your rhythm worked out. You can either choose a 1-2 rhythm, or 1-2-3 thumb beat, like you’re following a metronome in your head. Try to tap the screen lightly and don’t hit the last beat with angst! Keep the rhythm on a monotone mode. Actually, we prefer the 1-2 rhythm, cause soon you’ll find it more flexible when you’ll find your bird moving up or down coming from the other direction.

4. Choose your thumb tapping position. There are at least four places you can place your thumb, which would highly depend on how you think you’re maneuvering the Flappy Bird. The first three positions will be at the right side of the screen, with a choice of the upper and lower corner, or at mid section of the screen. The (1) upper corner would make you feel like you’re pulling the bird with a string like a puppet. From the (2) lower right corner, you’ll feel like you’re using a stick to hit the bird upwards. Tapping form the (3) mid section would feel like your just pulling the bird towards the next pipe. The last position would be (4) below the screen at the center, where you actually tap it as if you’re pumping it up with a spring. We prefer the first and last position, as if you’re either pulling a string or pumping the bird with a spring.

Flappy Bird Thumb Positions

5. Add a gesture. Now this eventually led us to having our first gold medal. Imagine you’re playing a pingpong ball with your racket and you keep on hitting it towards the air. Instead of just tapping your thumb, you can now add an upward swiping gesture as if you’re hitting the pingpong ball. By then you can have much control, and with the right rhythm and applied screen pressure you’ve developed from the above directions, it will take you to much more higher levels.

Flappy Bird Gold Medal

We had fun playing this game, and maybe some of you have figured out some tricks while tapping Flappy Bird as well. Leave some comments or your top score, too so far. It didn’t take a minute for us to get our first medal when we add the pingpong gesture. Though, we had more than an hour figuring out the best way to play the game.

If you haven’t played Flappy Bird yet, you can download the game for FREE directly from the App Store or Google Play if you have an Android device. You can also check out and try to play Dong Nguyen’s other games, the Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling.

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