Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines: Make Money From Home

Entrepreneur’s June 2011 issue is undertaking a mission to advocate home-based businesses as they headline “Make Money From Home.” It’s actually refreshing to read stuffs like this specially when you’re tired with the usual daily grind, not to mention the traffic that’s painstakingly taking over your supposedly resting time.

Being your own boss right at your home is not just tempting to ponder, but getting the idea out from a source that’s taken by most business people as credible is not to be taken lightly. Considerably, there are a lot who’s made it quite successful. In a sense that they’re out of the workforce and are not reliant on corporate paychecks anymore.

Now, accumulating these business ideas is a feat to be thankful for cause it’s practically packed here in the mag for you. Actually, they’ve listed over 40 entrepreneurial ideas. Taking a special note on technology, they’re right to pinpoint that seeing through innovation is in reality a lucrative business proposition. It ranges from animation, games, apps to digital signage, web and software solutions. It’s also interesting to read about their feature on “10 Ways To Boost Your Online Presence.”

There’s much more to look out from this mag that it’ll be better if you can grab a copy of your own. Or you can read it from your iPad or a tablet if you subscribe online and get their downloadable pdf format.


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