Egnyte On Local Cloud Computing: Practically Innovative

Starting a small business or a medium-sized enterprise aimed to sky-rocket globally seems to be challenging. You have to get both of your local projects shared and global connections tied up seamlessly and securely. Not to mention you usually have to maintain an IT infrastructure and hire a local administrator to get it right.

This is where Egnyte gets into the picture, getting rid both of upfront hardware expenditures and incurring maintenance costs, while giving you what you need on storing, accessing, sharing your files and securing back-ups. As a file sharing software, it also allows you to do business work remotely anywhere online and even offline.

What you basically need is just an online browser where you as the administrator, initially sets up ‘who’s who?’ to have access to your online data storage of your company files. You can assign and limit access accordingly whether departmental or project-based accounts that can be classified into two: as power users, your employees, and standard users, your clients or consultants.

Collaboration among your peers and clients in different locations with varying expertise could use an online virtual file server solution like this. However, there could be constraints when internet connection is not available or an off-line access could be much faster for larger files, like with Photoshop or CAD files. Egnyte gets practically innovative by making off-line local cloud computing integrate with your online server seamlessly via Egnyte Local Cloud (ELC) software.

ELC is a downloadable, easy-to-install software that is compatible to any inexpensive hard disks like Maxtor or Western Digital, or even on your computer hard drives. It fluidly allows you to edit large files offline in your office, then it syncs or updates your files with the On Demand File Server when connected again online. Plus, you don’t have to worry about renaming filenames, since Egnyte automatically creates versions for your edited files.

Egnyte thus can give you a fair share experience of a big company solution with a small deal of expense on your company’s end. It’s like giving your company enough mobility and agility to collaborate remotely and compete globally.

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