Clash of Summer: 1st Clash of Clans Philippine Grand Tournament on May 31st

Are you ready, chief?

The 1st Clash of Clans Grand Tournament in the country is about to happen this coming May 31, 2015 at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig City. It’ll be a massive skirmish within the Pinoy CoC community to battle for the most coveted title yet, the first ever Clash of Clans Philippine Grand Tournament Champions!

Clash of Summer 2015

How to join the tourney?

It’ll be a tournament limited to a max of 100 pinoy clans, composed each with 5 members, in which all should be present on the event itself at the Venice Piazza mall. Registration will course thru Philippine Clash of Clans Battleground’s Facebook page by sending them a message or intent to join. A registration form will then be sent back as a reply to clan applicants after the request.

Note that due to the 100-clan limitation, the fully filled-up registration forms received back the earliest will be the one’s to only get a response for further instructions to finally confirm clan registration. Registration fee amounts to Php200 each, which serves also as event or entry tickets to the tournament.

Once clan’s registration has been confirmed, further changes on all lineup details will no longer be allowed for the entire tournament duration. A committee will be assigned prior the start of the game to constantly monitor the players all throughout the tourney.

What are the tourney details?

– Each clan must have two (2) designated representatives. GM and tourney admins will consider decisions made by the Clan reps as final say for the entire clan.
– Each five (5) player clan can only have a maximum of three (3) TH 10 players
– All players must attend the event by May 31, 2015 @2pm.
– Clan Starting Cups must be 4,000 (+/- 500 cups)
– Exceeding the required Clan Starting Cups range will result to a Deduction equal to the excess cups from the final Gained Cups. (Ex. A Clan with 4650 Starting Cups will have a Deduction of 150 cups from the clan’s Gained Cups)
– Each Player Starting Cups must not exceed 1800 cups.
– Exceeding the required 1800 limit of Player Starting Cups will result to a Penalty equal to 50% of excess cups per player deducted to the clan’s final score. (Ex. A Player with 2000 Starting Cups will have a Penalty of 50% of 200 Excess Cups, which results to 100 Total Penalty)

How’s the tourney gonna roll?

The tournament consists of two (2) rounds, a Sudden Death Round and the Finale Round. With Sudden Death Round, Clans will be ranked (discussed below) and divided into three (3) groups, where the top two (2) clans for each group will advance and the losing clans instantly eliminated.

The resulting six (6) clans who advanced from the Sudden Death Round will battle it out on the Finale Round and will be declared as the 1st ever Pinoy Gaming Festival Clashout Rush Champion.

Take note that the baseline trophy for Gained Cups Computation for the Sudden Death Round is 4,000. While the Ending Cups in the Sudden Death Round will be the baseline trophy for the Finale Round.

Clan Ranking as mentioned above in the Sudden Death Round will be done by getting each clan’s maximum average cups that is computed based on each clan member’s “Sweet Victory!” record. Clan averages will be tallied, also based on SuperCell’s own ranking concept as 60% coming from Players 1 and 2, 30% from Players 3 and 4, and 10% from Player 5.

What’s the take away?

All tourney players will get a certificate of participation from Megaworld. Though, the top three (3) clans will get the bragging rights as Clash of Summer Champions and placers. Plus they get sizeable cash loots amounting to Php20,000 for the Champs, Php10,000 for the 2nd placers, and Php5,000 for the 3rd placers.

The Highest Ranking Registrant and the Best Clan Shirt will also both get a cash prize of Php5,000 each. A Cosplay Tournament will also take place, which will be awarded with Php12,000 for the 1st Place, Php8,000 for the 2nd Place, and Php5,000 for the 3rd Place.

Who’s behind the tourney?

The 1st Clash of Clans Philippine Grand Tournament is spearheaded by Philippine Clash of Clans Battleground (PCCB) in partnership with Smart Communications, the Philippine eSports Organisation and MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls.

For more info regarding the tourney and even on registration, check out PCCB’s FB page.

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