Cherry Mobile U3 Pushes Push-to-Talk Function to Mainstream

Cherry Mobile’s covering all bases with wearables, smartphone features like the G Pen on the Titan Pro, and even right now positioning walkie talkies as the new hip with its Cherry Mobile U3 capable of Push-to-Talk.

Cherry Mobile U3

What we have initially is a dust and water proof rig with a hardshell housing and a detachable antenna. Well, that adds to convenience cause you can use it as a regular phone with its dual SIM capability, and yet alternately use it as a two way radio with its PTT function.

People who are in security services, surveillance or any confined groups may also find this useful for convenient communication. It makes you want to have the G1 Watch Phone, and the P1 Mini Bluetooth Dialer to add up with these covert operation-like collections. But, Cherry Mobile haven’t released any visor-like gadget or something like the wink-triggered Google Glass.

Moreover, Cherry Mobile U3 can match your perfect getaway this summer when you go out camping, hiking or any outdoor activities you’re fond of. You can actually put it underwater by at most 1 meter for as long as 30 minutes. When you go out on the beach, you may want to try this out. And if Cherry Mobile’s releasing their own version of Glass, just take it easy on the beach this summer.

It’s not on Android, and frequency range and battery capacity is not known yet. Shops pricing’s popping at Php4,999.


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