Cherry Mobile Releases Superion Probe Back to Back with Superion Endeavor

Tablets nowadays are selling significantly and putting the purchase cost even lower not only boost affordability but also even create more public demand. Cherry Mobile’s one of the early entities who have envisioned it here locally, and they have made significant strides and feats accordingly.

Cherry Mobile Superion Probe and Superion Endeavor

Cherry Mobile has released two of their most affordable Superion line up of Android slates, offering 3G module with call and text functions, matched up with quad-core processing power in a slender 7-inch display. The first one is the Cherry Mobile Superion Probe, managing to have a single SIM, 3G HSPA+ capable tablet. It has a 1.2 GHz four-cored processor with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of ROM.

The second tablet is the Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor having a dual SIM module on board also with HSPA+ facility, besides Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even USB OTG support. It actually has the same quad-core processor rated the with the same speed, and paired up with the same specs on its memory.

The Superion Probe have a 7” WSVGA display with camera sensors at 2MP and 0.3MP, at the rear and on the front, though Superion Endeavor full HD 7” display and has a much larger camera sensor at 8MP and 2MP, respectively. Android versions installed were 4.3 Jelly Bean on the Probe, while they got 4.2 on the Endeavor.

In terms of design, the Cherry Mobile Superion Probe resembles the face of an iPad Mini, though the Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor looks more like the Galaxy Tab’s. Preference do matters in this case. Superion Probe is currently priced at Php3,999 and the Superion Endeavor is at Php5,499, which are both available nationwide on Cherry Mobile Kiosks and Concept Stores.

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