BPI SIP Loan Balance Transfer rate now on its lowest at 0.59% per month

Having trouble juggling multiple credit card bills? Here’s one more solution you can opt to ease up and consolidate, BPI’s lowest balance transfer rate for only 0.59%/month. What could be more timely as this promo offer can be? Either you’ve overlooked the other card’s statement or have done some overspending frenzy last summer, this could re-align your credit card payments much easier, plus you get better savings on interests, too.

BPI SIP Loan Balance Transfer - 0.59% per month lowest rate promo

BPI’s balance transfer facility is one of the easiest to get your other cards’ credit balance to put into an installment plan. And while other cards’ rates range from 0.69% to over 1%, BPI got the lowest offer so far with 0.59%/mo. It goes to give you the lowest rate for at least a 1 year term and for 18, 24 and 36-month SIP loan balance transfer. For a 3-month, 6 and 9-month installment period, the rate goes up a bit at 0.69% per month.

To apply or avail of BPI SIP Loan Balance Transfer with a 0.59% add-on rate per month promo, simply visit any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank nearest you with your other bank’s current credit card account billing statement. Take note to bring a photocopy of your valid ID as well upon application.

BPI SIP loan’s lowest balance transfer rate promo runs till July 31, 2015.


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