BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard: Directly Shop Online, Fund Your PayPal or Purchase Mobile Apps

BPI launches another online payment system, the BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard, which allows you to purchase anything on sale online, provided that the online merchant accepts MasterCard or just fund your PayPal account to use in for those who accepts VISA instead. The other one that BPI uses is the eCredit where it shares balance with your BPI credit card, usually at a P5,000 limit, though you can elect to increase it. The ePrepaid on the other hand allows you to load up to P10,000.

This is a very timely system, with the rise of mobile apps both from iTunes and Android Market, this one bridges the gap for those who don’t want and those who don’t have a credit card. Online purchasing is a bit cumbersome here in the country, and this prepaid type will definitely make it a lot easier. You can apply thru any BPI Family or BPI branches nationwide. Or if you already have an Express Online account (EOL) with BPI, just click the Apply for products and services here tab. It will only cost you P500 that is good for two years (P600 if your outside GMMA, Visayas or Mindanao). A waiting period of 5 banking days for GMMA branches and a 7-day period for those outside will incur prior to the availability of the ePrepaid Card on your preferred branch.

Reloading your BPI ePrepaid MasterCard is free of charge and can be done thru ATMs, over-the-counter and thru your BPI Express Online. Though, balance inquiry thru text messaging will cost you P2.50 per SMS. You can call thru landline if you prefer at their 89-100 hotline. If some of you may be curious if with this one you can withdraw or transfer funds from your PayPal account, then the answer is no. This prepaid card can only be reloaded as mentioned above and can only be used to pay or purchase online.


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