Bossing Vic Sotto got her daughter an Audi Q3 as graduation present

Bossing Vic Sotto gave her daughter a graduation gift, an all new Audi Q3. Apparently, Paulina Sotto managed to graduate cum laude at the Ateneo de Manila University just two weeks ago.

‘Just hovering over Facebook when this one caught my eye and gave me a quick dose of awesomeness. Not because it’s a brand new Audi Q3 that’s worth around Php3.5M, but because Vic Sotto really is an amazing father. Here’s a portion of what Paulina posted on her Instagram account:

“…To my dad, thank you also for all your generosity and support. I am able to get the best education because of your hard work and I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for your dedication to your kids. Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me in everything I do….”

Though, we won’t try to be a hypocrite here either. We also loved the fact that Bossing did gave her the Audi Q3. Don’t we all want the best things for our kids? Some may say she just got lucky for having a rich and famous dad, but we’re pretty sure hard work did play a great role on this one. Actually, for both of them.


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