BlackBerry Passport Shifts to a Square HD Display with a New 3-Row QWERTY Keyboard

BlackBerry actually didn’t take a stop innovating at all with its latest device release, the BlackBerry Passport, with which they’ve moved away from the mainstream rectangular structure screen display to a square orientation. Another thing is that they’ve cleaned up the keyboard placing only 3-rows of pure QWERTY, almost letter only keyboard.

BlackBerry Passport 4.5-Inch Square Display

BlackBerry Passport focuses on productivity and streamlined its design cues by re-imagining what could be the next big thing on smartphones. What they’ve put on is a 4.5-inch square touch screen display with a 1440 x 1440 full HD resolution. This feature then pushes the screen’s width to give the same viewing space compared to a 5-inch phone. As BB team puts it, it’s like the IMAX version on smartphones with greater real estate pushed both vertically and horizontally.

Applications they’re expecting to cater with the new display orientation ranges from architects and brokers looking on full designs and plan layouts, healthcare institutions examining medical docs, finance field on hovering over trading platforms, to writers to play over a full screen even with a new touch-enabled keyboard. We’re guessing that it could also be a good canvas for artists as well.

With the new keyboard layout having a 3-row structure, including only the QWERTY pattern plus the backspace, enter and space bar keys, you’ll feel either that your hands are free from clutter or that you’re missing something. Well, that’s where the 4th row on the touchscreen above the keyboard comes to play. It basically adds those symbols intuitively, either by adding numbers or symbols you use for email or the web like “@” and “/”.

BlackBerry Passport New Touch-Enabled Keyboard

Now the other thing about the Passport’s keyboard is that it can be used as a touchpad as well, being able to recognize your swipes if you want to scroll up or down on your browser, choosing words or text selections, and even deleting the last word you typed by just swiping back to your left. If you’re wondering, this is all part of BB’s latest BlackBerry 10.3 OS, which is also available with an SDK suite for developers and above average developers to toy with.

BlackBerry haven’t announced the Passport’s availability yet, let alone global roll-out and local or regional pricing. But, we’ll be on the lookout for the next updates to share with you guys. Stay tuned.

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