Asus DisegnoMS Series: Ultraslim Monitors

DisegnoMS Series is the new line of thin (nah! I mean superthin) monitors from Asus. Lavishly designed with elegance and convenience, the series will hit the market this week.

According to Asus, these monitors ideally compliment laptop computers. They are also specially designed to sit directly at the user’s eye level when seated. This will enable easy and smooth typing (and browsing, of course!). The resolution is fantastic calibrated with 1,680×1,050 to 1,900×1,080 resolutions. As to with the size, Asus will be providing 5 different sizes ranging from 20” to 23.6.

DisegnoMS is definitely one of the best monitors I’ve ever seen. Samsung’s LED-based XL2370 is doing great but this one is hot. With stylish designs, crystal clear resolution, different sizes to choose from and better price (as compared with XL2370) DisegnoMS Series will do an excellent job.

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