Astrid Closes by August 5 after Being Bought by Yahoo!

Astrid, a well-loved task management application on iOS, Android and even on the web just released a deadline for all their users to back-up their data or transfer to other workable application by August 5, 2013, before they finally close down their service.

It’s just this morning that Jon Paris & the Astrid Team emailed millions of their users about “Astrid Winding Down.” It was just the 1st of May that Yahoo! acquired Astrid and have noted 90 days of continued use. August 5 then, is keeping that promise and beyond that would just be a waiting period for what Yahoo! will cook-up with their acquisition.

For those who haven’t done downloading their data, you can go to Moreover, the apps they’ve recommended for their users to import their data on to are the Wrike, Wunderlist, Sandglaz, and Any.Do.

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