Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Launch on September 10?

Apple’s launching on their new iPhone is greatly anticipated, and somehow its scheduled release gets clearer based on sources from AllThingsD, which will be on the 10th of September.

The iPhone 5S, the rumored new model is speculated to have the latest iOS 7, which was launched earlier last June on their WWDC 2013. It’ll have a revamped user interface, redesigned icons, enhanced notifications, and even got better on organizing photos, plus added capabilities for developers.

With the hardware, a fingerprint sensor is said to be present because of their acquisition of Authentec just last year. Other’s expecting on camera improvements, and of course, another upgrade on the processor. Actually, much of what is expected to change is on the internals, as what have been made of as a pattern for Apple’s usual product cycles. It would at least take two cycle of internal upgrades, like the memory, processor, the display, and the camera, before they get to revamp the outer shell design.

Moreover, it’s also speculated that a second, though a cheaper iPhone 5C will be paired up with iPhone 5S on the launching. This one’s said to compete on lower-cost smartphones or Android phones that’s been racking up the sales globally against the weakening share of the iPhone. Rumor has it that it’ll come in a plastic casing in different colors. The hardware however, is talked around to be close to an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S specs.

The much awaited event will be a defining moment for Apple, if once again they’ll command another market lead, or they’ll keep on shrinking. Will the two iPhones take them to the top once more or should Apple get to turn the spot light on fast towards the new set of gadgets to reclaim their position? You know what they say, victory loves preparation. Well, they got at least one month to prepare for that before the rumored release date.

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