Apple Special Event October 2008: The Macbook

MacBooks were freshly launched yesterday at Cupertino. Apple just got the MacBook re-engineered on how they’ve built it, re-designed performance, and re-imagined user experience.

The New MacBook

The whole MacBook line, from the Air, to the MacBook and to the Pro got the fresh new graphics cards that came from NVIDIA (this means you get to play games and execute more intense graphics applications on your MacBook now). All three got the NVIDIA 9400M and the Pro do have a second option of having the 9600M Gt. Their screen all appears glossy (with the matte option removed) and made way of the black side portions that you would see on an iMac. The slot-load superdrive is placed on the right side of the MacBook and the Pro, with ports on the left as the Ethernet, dual USB slot, the new Mini Display Port, Magsafe and the battery indicator (FireWire 800 and ExpressCard 34 slot present only with the Pro).

With NVIDIA GPU You Can Play Games with MacBook

Another thing that they’ve changed altogether with the MacBook line-up is the multi-touch glass trackpad. It resembles the size of the Air’s without the button. The trick is that while you can sway your fingers (including a new four-finger gesture), you can actually push it like having the whole glass as your button. Another trick they’ve come up with is having its body frame made of one ‘unibody aluminum’ piece. This brilliant idea obviously got rid of multiple parts, leaving it robust and lighter too.  They’ve also made the thinnest MacBook Pro so far because of this re-engineered body with .95-inches.

MacBook Unibody Aluminum Enclosure
The MacBook line-up all comes in two sets of model packages. The Macbook Pro sells at a base price of $1999, with a 15.4” LED-backlit display, running with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 3MB L2, 2GB DDR 3 memory and includes a 250GB HD. The second package, which sells at $2499, runs with a 2.53GHZ processor, 6MB L2, 4GB memory, including the NVIDIA 9600M Gt and a 320GB HD.

The latest MacBook Air now adds a mini display port and a 120GB hard drive. The first model cost $1799 that runs on with a 1.6GHz processor and a 2GB RAM. The second costs $2499, with a 1.86GHZ processor and adds the 128GB SSD.

The newest MacBook leaves out the plastic casing for the aluminum over-haul. Though, you can still have the old white model on sale at $999 (that’s as low as it can go for now). The first aluminum MacBook starts with $1299 with a 13.3” display, runs on with the 2.0GHz C2D, 2GB RAM that includes 160GB hard drive. The second package, priced at $1599 has a 2.4GHz processor and 250GB HD.

It really got better as you see, better shell, better graphics, better trackpad and relatively better price.

VIA[MacWorld: Live Update]

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