Apple iOS 9 now features multitasking with multi-window support and trackpad on keyboard

WWDC 2015 is tasked to present the whole new level that Apple is gonna bring its devices system wide for both iOS and OS X. For the iPhone and iPad, it gets the latest iOS 9 update where it features key enhancements that catapult user experience to greater efficiency and productivity.

Apple iOS 9 Multitasking and QuickType

There are at least two key additions, one would be the long overdue multi-window support, and the other is the ingenious trackpad execution on the QuickType keyboard. Actually, it’s just a timely update that compliments each other.

Apple iOS 9 Slide Over

Apple iOS 9 Slide Over switch app

The multi-window support under its Multitasking feature has three forms of execution, the Slide Over, the Split View, and the Picture in Picture. The Slide Over lets you swipe from the right side of the display to bring up your messaging app, which can be easily replaced with other apps using a pull-down gesture.

Apple iOS 9 Split View

The Split View gets active by just tapping on the divider. The app on the main window can be replaced by just choosing another app when you go back to home panel or using a four-finger swipe to bring up the app switcher or navigate to the previously used app. Also on Split View, you can move or touch both windows at the same time, which Apple describes as the first multi-app multi-touch on mobile devices. It can also adapt to a 50-50 view with both apps have their own half of the display.

Apple iOS 9 Picture in Picture

The Picture in Picture works fluidly with a playing video floating on top of any app you’re currently working on. Again, it’s awesome to finally have it on iOS devices. The Slide Over and Picture in Picture will both work on the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3. Though, only the iPad Air 2 gets the Split View to function.

Apple iOS 9 trackpad on QuickType keyboard using two-finger gesture

Now, the QuickType keyboard has also been enhanced significantly. From having a suggestion bar on iOS 8, it was able to include the same bar to have iconized shortcuts for copy/paste, formatting tool, and attachments. However, the ability of the keyboard itself to transform to a large trackpad is simply clever indeed. A two-finger gesture would allow you to move the cursor anywhere on the window, with a double two-finger tap to select as well.

Apple iOS 9 keyboard shortcuts

Aside from the on the device feature, QuickType also adopts a fare range of shortcuts when using an external keyboard. It also enables the keyboard shortcut of the app switcher, which you’re accustomed with on Macs. Plus it also includes the search key button for Spotlight.

iOS 9 Developer’s beta is already out and ready for download, though public beta will be released on July. Free iOS 9 upgrade will be out by fall.


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