Apple Adopting NVIDIA Across MacBooks

Apple Macbook Event 2008 is getting nearer, and rumors and speculations keep on bugging, wanting to spill the beans on what’s next with the MacBook lineup now. Aside from it’s shift to aluminum casing, the line-up’s GPUs gonna have an exchange, too (yep, a good start about turning your Macbook into a better gaming machine as well).

Apple MacBook Event 2008

Ryan Shrout on PC Perspective gives a comprehensive review on the probable Apple – NVIDIA tie-up, with the updated MacBook and MacBook Pro adopting the MCP79 platform-based GeForce 9400/9300 (though integrated, expectedly far better graphics capabilities than Intel GMA X3100 or GMA 4500MHD). The Pro model will also make way for a dedicated G92-based mobility GeForce 9600. While MacBook Air will use the MCP79U chipset, NVIDIA’s ultra-low-voltage version. Though having slightly slower graphics performance, it would suffice the Air’s low power consumption requirement.

NVIDIA - it looks like a Macbook

NVIDIA will be launching their long-developed GeForce 9400/9300 chipsets just this coming October 15, just after the day of the Apple’s announcement about the new notebooks. Reading in between, you can’t hardly miss they don’t want to steal the thunder from Apple prior to their Day. Or maybe, it could just be a consolation of NVIDIA’s defective GeForce 8600M GT on some MacBook Pro back in July.

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