Android Pay gets announced, available initially in the US

Google reinforced its position on wireless payment system with its newest product Android Pay. It practically moves away with physical plastic cards to seamless transactions with just tapping on NFC-enabled devices to purchase on stores or even online using account with Android Pay itself.

Android Pay

Google Wallet has been in the market for quite some time, but somehow Apple Pay got launched and again got more foothold penetrating the tap-and-go payment system and made some good deal of advancement. However, Google is not just rebranding the Wallet because it’s still staying put. But instead, pose another worthy contender that may deemed as more universal and open with its brand new name, the Android Pay.

Android Pay will work both with tap to pay in stores and for online transactions via tap to pay in apps. On purchasing with stores, you only have to unlock your phone, place it near the merchant’s terminal, and the rest of the transaction process will be completed in no time. It can also add up your rewards for certain loyalty programs, like with Coke rewards that will be acknowledged and redeemed via tap to pay enabled vending machines.

For online purchase, you can just choose “Buy with Android Pay,” instead of filling in your account details again and again before checkout. Google partnered with payments processors like the Braintree, Cybersource, First Data, Stripe and Vantiv to make system integration fluid as it can be.

Android Pay is positioned to roll-out with 700K+ stores and work with 1000+ Android apps soon. Though, it will initially be available in the US alone. Check out the feature vid clip for Android Pay below.


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