Android Market in the Philippines: Locals can Buy Paid Apps, but Developers still can’t Sell

Google recently announced its support for paid Android Apps in the Philippines. The Android market has increased their global reach to 131 countries with their latest addition of 99 new countries to be able to buy Android applications that include games, productivity, social network and other tech-life enhancer related stuffs.

It’s a refreshing, exhilarating thought that you can finally get pro edition apps for your newest android rigs. You can bank on its 200,000 free and paid applications. Though its priced in US Dollars, you can buy those through Google Checkout that luckily supports your Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

As of now, there are only 29 countries listed where developers can register as Android Apps merchants and sell paid applications, which includes some Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. So, better stretch up a bit if you’re a local developer and stay tune before finally taking your dream app up and running and selling.

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