Allow Them To Fuel Your Flight!

“Consider yourself a caterpillar… the ones who love you are the nourishing leaves. The ones who hurt you is the cocoon. Remember that you won’t be a butterfly without nourishment and you won’t develop wings without the cocoon. There are no heroes and no villains in life… just people with different roles to teach you one great lesson and that is… to fly.”

No man is an island they say. You can’t be in a deserted place all your life or you’ll end up crazy! =)

People around us are definitely essential for us to fully live. If you can think of something right now, an experience or event perhaps… you’ll notice that it mainly involves another person or being. In cases that you’ve thought yourself just to be alone, you can also possibly point out a reason why you have been alone too. One way or another, these people have an influence on you.

There are those who encourage, listen to you, offer help, laugh with you, sings you a song, prays for you, makes you happy or for some unknown reason… lifts your soul. And there are those who irritates you, yells at you, bully you, hard on you, envies you, laughs at you, plots harm on you, conspire against you, ignores you… makes you feel so little and so alone.

Whether we like it or not, they’ll gonna exist. But the good news is all of them exist for a reason too. And you choose how they’ll gonna affect you. Keep in mind there will always be people who’ll keep you intact. But the people you think distracts or want to destroy you are the very people used to help you get tougher, even test how far your strength within can take you. Learn from both of them, be inspired and allow them to fuel your flight!

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