ABS-CBN Mobile Launched with 100,000 SIM Cards Handed FREE to Yolanda Survivors

ABS-CBN finally launches it’s newest telecommunication arm, ABS-CBN Mobile by distributing 100,000 SIM cards to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda along with packed relief goods.

This is on ABS-CBN’s utmost effort, not just to assist to augment their food and clothing needs, but also to bridge the gap between their relatives and loved ones by allowing them to communicate with the SIM’s free Php50 load, 15 free SMS to any network, and even 5MB of data for online access via internet.

As advertised on their station, another 100,000 ABS-CBN Mobile SIM cards will be made available, though this time it will be for sale in Metro Manila and other non-typhoon affected areas to allow direct sharing of load to the survivors.

Sharing loads can be done simply by texting SHARE<space><AMOUNT> to 2131 (Ex. SHARE 100 and send to 2131). Load amounts allowed to be shared can on Php10, Php20, Php50 or Php100. To know how much load has been shared, just send SHARE STATUS to 2131. Note that all SMS transactions made via 2131 are FREE.

It’s basically a genius strategy on having a 100,000 SIM card holders, which will be recipients of the other 100,000 SIM cardholders’ load donations that are equally shared. It’s like pooling those call and text credits into a well-designed sharing system and are seamlessly channelled to the end-users evenly.

To take part on this strategic move, you can find out right away where these ABS-CBN Mobile SIM cards are available on sale by calling 266-7878 on landline or 7878 via an ABS-CBNmobile SIM card as well.

It was just last second quarter of this year that broadcast firm, ABS-CBN has forged an agreement on network sharing with Globe Telecom. The telecommunication service has been delayed due to operational issues on its support system, and NTC’s approval, though finally approved this year-end quarter and made a timely debut in assisting the typhoon-hit survivors in the Visayan region. This makes them officially a third player on the telecommunication industry in the country, alongside PLDT and Globe Telecom.


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