A Person’s Most Useful Asset

“A person’s most useful asset is not a headful of knowledge but a heart full of love.”

This one is interesting in a sense and also tricky. One reason is because most often, the people around us especially family members and school figures with whom we look up to early in life, would always give us appreciation or reward us of how intelligent we are. Not until we go, reach out and mingle more as we grow with people that we realize brain power would be useless unless they trust you. So as the cliché goes as they don’t even care how much we know till they know how much we care for them.

So many things would be done because of a great idea. But it can’t be turned into flesh unless people collaborate and make it happen with you. Most people right now want to succeed in whatever they do in life. But the real score is how you really want others to succeed too. There afterwards, you’ll have a greater chance of succeeding yourself. It’s like making bridges for others that eventually you yourself can pass over it.

Love people then more than the idea of just getting rich. Care for your friends sincerely. Dream for your family and let love bind you more closely.

What you know can be handy but how much love you’ve got can determine how much of the world you can carry.

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