5 key features on the Apple Notes app update for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

Apple just introduced their newest operating systems, OS X El Capitan for Macs and iOS 9 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And among the many updates, one noteworthy thing that you’ll appreciate is the brand new Notes app.

Apple Notes App

The old version of the Notes app gets you to type and format notes and bulleted lists, plus the dictation mode. Well, on the new version, you get at least 5 key features you just want on a note taking app. These key features are actually on a newly designed toolbar where you’ll get a quick access on the core features of the Notes app found at the bottom.

Apple Notes App checklists and formatting tool

The 1st feature is pretty basic that is a checklist. Nothing much to do here, but at least it finally gets to check away any list you created right off the bat. The 2nd feature is the formatting tool that edits the way your title, heading, body and the checklist look.

Apple Notes App attachments

The 3rd feature will be the inclusion of images, videos, and links from the web as an attachment. Yup, pretty simple but at least it now supports it. The image or video can come from your album or shots from the camera. While links are taken from browsers like Safari or any apps via Share button, which automatically shows a title with the link and thumbnail, a map or even documents on the Notes app.

Apple Notes App sketch

Apple Notes App web links

The 4th feature will be the sketch tool where you can draw freely with a pen, pencil or a marker, plus a supplementary color palette, ruler and an eraser tool. Again pretty basic, but it gets the job done. All these notes, will be collated by date on a list view with preview thumbnails.

Apple Notes App attachments list

The 5th feature will be the ability to get all the attachments pulled together in one place. The four little squares icon found on the bottom-left of the Notes list view gets you to show the attachments list.

Apple Notes App on OS X El Capitan

The Notes app is a another neat addition to Apple’s universal built-in apps that run on both OS X and iOS, tied up with its data via the iCloud for continuity. Well, the announcement was made during the developer’s conference, so they get to have it first on beta right from the first day. The public beta for users will be on July, and the free OS upgrade will be sometime between September and December of 2015.


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